The best places to stay

Kiev has many places where you can stay.
It is 5 star luxury hotels, usual hotels and not expensive
mini – hotels end hostel.You can get a taxi from Borispol airport to any of this place. It is easy with our taxy – Rent a car from airport to your hotel. With our services it is quickly.
There are some of them.

Hilton Kiev
Hilton is 5 star luxury hotel. It is a network of hotels and resorts
around the would. Has about 2500 hotels and resorts in the world
and service 6000 guests in the world .
Hilton appeared in Kiev in 2014 .
And this is comfortable place to stay. Hilton has 262 room. Luxury and lux appartament .
The hotel has:
•Currency exchange
• Swimming pool
• Lift
• Spa center
• Laundry
• Restaurant, café, bar, dinning room.
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Premiere Palace Kiev Hotel
This is 5 star luxury hotel. Hotel was built in 1909 year. And has 290 rooms. This is so beautiful place to stay.
Here are rooms for every taste. There are many shops cafes hear hotel. It is located in the very center of the city - on Khreschatyk.
The hotel has :
• Currency exchange
• Lift
•Spa and fitness center
• Laundry
• Restaurant, café , bar, dinning room.
• Market and press
• Parking
•Night bar/Gentelmen show
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Intercontinental Hotel Kiev
5 star luxury hotel. Hotel was built in 2009. There is 272 rooms. He is located near historical centre of
city . Near hotel are located the most beautiful and important places. It is Sofievskaya square, St. Michael’s Golden-domed cathedral, Monument to Princess Olga. His located to makes his more attractive for tourist and city guests.
The hotel has :
• Restaurant , café , bar, dinnig room
• Parking
•Parking for bicycle
• Hairdresses
• Spa centre
• Currency exchange
• Press conference hall
• Delivery at room
• You can take your pats
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Hotel Bakkara
This is picturesque and unique hotel was built in 2009. He has 4 star and 200 rooms.
Bakkara is located in the most beautiful part of Kiev. He stands on the shore of the Dnieper.
Have classic, lux, and deluxe numbers with special design. Price is middle. Not very expensive.
Panoramic windows go over city hills and big river Dnipro.
That is amazing hotel.
The hotel has :
• Café
• Bar
• Restaurant
• Amazing landscape
• Park for sports and rest.
It is great place for romantic or business meeting.

Mini -hotel Barbaris
4 stars mini hotel. Has numbers standard, half-lux, lux. For 1-2 person.
If you need not expensive hotel. Your welcome. This is comfortable mini hotel including :
•1-2 person rooms
• Bath in the room
• Café ,restaurant, bar
• Beauty salon
• Parking
• Laundry
• Wi-Fi
• You can pay card or cash
This is really comfort place. 2 minutes away from underground . 15-20 minutes to the city center on underground .
Hotel is located near market place, business centre, café and riverside.
It is the best for short business trip . A great combination of price and quality.

Low cost appartament

Tthis is good and not expensive plece. Appartamentt for tourists and travelers. Have rooms for 2-3-4 person.
Price is very good. The hostel has :
• Restoran
• Аir conditioner
• Free breakfast.
• Laundry.
This is best place for your rest. And Near hostel is located underground, market, railway.
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Gar’is Hostel
This is nice place with home family comfort. If you want cheap and quality relax arrived in this hostel.
Clean and simple rooms with one two bad it is good choice for you. Get our taxi
And you can the rest for really law cost.
Hostel has :
• Laundry
• you can take your pats
• Good prise
• Transfer from the airport to hostel.
Exelent offer for people who want the rest not expensive.

The best places to eat

There are many restaurants, café’s, bar, where you can eat different kitchen.
There are European, Chinise, Japanise , Indian , Asia and of course national Ukrainian kitchen.
I must point out that Ukrainian cuisine is very tasty. And national dishes are unique and have excellent taste.
It is borsch, varenyky, golubtsi, pancakes. So take our taxi -taxiborispol and go taste that awesome dishes.

Café Sofia
(оn aeronautical design Antonov street)
It is nice place. There are national and European kitchen.
Polite staff l cook for you tradisinal dishes. And you waist your time with pleasure. Café has three comfort zone and privat room. In winter you can drink something hot, like cup of tea or coffee . Take your friends and celebrate some especials days of your life. In summer café open summer zone .And you can take fresh mohito and relax. Good food and music are the best combination. Price is not expensive. So you can visited café with your friends, couple or family. Opened 11:00 a.m -23:00 p.m .
Try family comfort this café.

New Bombay Palace
New Bombay Palace is offer for peoples who love Indian cuisine. Design of this place to transfer you on rich and colorful indian atmosphere. And you dive into exotic, wonderful world of lndia. Attractive design with good cuisine it’s the best combination . If you want spend your time with exclusive food. Have good time and relaxing at miracle place . You must visited the best exotic restaurant in Kiev. Opened 12:00 a.m.-23:00 p.m

Villa Rivera Restaurant
This place is located on Dinepro riverside. In beautiful lough. With amazing summer teras. And luxury food and vine . Best place for business meeting or romantic dates. European kitchen. Every detail of this restaurant are perfect. Amazing sunset or quiet evening you can meet in this place. Kitchen is perfect. The best city chefs is cooking for you something special and awesome. Let’s try to get wonderful memories in that place. Opened 12:00 a.m.-24:00 p.m.

“Oh, mom,that was in Tbilisi” restaurant
“Oh, mom, that was in Tbilisi “ – it is georgian restaurant .This place is located in the city center. This is good and fun place with traditional georgian cozy. Perfect to celebrate something special or come with family and friends. Traditional georgian cuisine. Taste georgian bread and of course national pride – vine. Amazing atmosphere friendly team. Opened 11:00 a.m.-23:00p.m

For funs fast food are usual fast food network of restaurants -McDonald’s ,KFC , Puzata Hata. In most shopping centers are food courts. So you can bite something fast and low cost.
Take our taxi and pleasure the most interesting restaurants and café in this city.

Things you should to know about Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Kiev is the city milioner. Because in Kiev live and work more than 3 million people.Kiev is big hurt our country. Kiev is big business centre of Ukraine . The city is divided into two parts -left and right. Between this parts stream big river Dnipro. In the city working underground, railway, buses, two airport Zhulianu and Borispol.Kiev is pride of country. In the city working a lot of universities, hospitals, schools, libraries, theaters, movies, restaurants, café and other good places. The city is hurt of political and social life. The most important laws and proposition decided here. In Kiev working a lot of ministies and President. Kiev is beautiful place for tourists. Every day there’s came many tourists and guests. This is green city. There are many parks, squares, and places for entertainment and rest. Emblem of the city is chestnut. Kiev is center of religious life, here is working a lot churches. The most beautiful of them are Kievan Pechersk Lavra. Kiev is golden - domed. There is standing amazing monuments history and art. The city have long history, also have a lot of museums and exhibitions. Also Kiev has a night life. And it is attractive for tourist. More of bars, clubs working for peoples entertainment. Come in this wonderful city with our taxi service. Get a taxy from airport and saw this great city.

Unusual place in Kiev
Of course there is untypical and strange place .The one of them are scared room on Khreschatyk street. It is fun place for your entertainment. Funny and scary place. For persons who loved adventure.
In Summer at the Hidropark metro station working amusement park and beach , and clubs. You can have a good time and eating something in local restaurants and café, there are a lot of places for eating. You can go swimming or take a sunbath on the beach . Welcome to Hidropark.
For persons who love 50 shadows of grey in city working especially place – “Barboss” .No real atmosphere, in BDSM style, good and not expensive kitchen.May be this is the most of untypical place in this city.
If you want to see some extraordinary exhibition you can go on Pinkshuk art center or Arsenal of art. This two place working all year and do every time different exhibition. This is good place for art lovers.
For chess players there are Chevhenko park. You can rent chess bord and play with chess master. Be careful they are really usual won. Park it’s very friendly and comfortabl place. Bright place for chess lovers.
If you visiting Kiev don’t forget take our taxi, taxiborispol and see all of these amazing place .

Where I can relax?

You can have relax in beautiful restaurants, café clubs and other. In the city working aquapark, zoo, theaters, shopping malls and other places for your relax.

Ocean Plaza
Ocean Plaza is big mall. With shops and boutique on every taste. There are big aquarium with beauty fish and shark! Here is many food courts. Three flor and interesting design.In plaza usual have Black Friday and organized some event for young people. In plaza worked club, movie, and clothed swimming pool. Opened 10:00a.m 22:00p.

Dream Town
Dream town it is attractive place to family rest. There are more than 30 restaurants, boutique, pool, ice skating, rolling skating, zoo, place for children, movie, bowling. It the biggest mall in Kiev. Organized many interesting events, concerts. There is good spending family holiday, or usual weekend.

Kiev Zoo.
If you like animals so much Kievan zoo is your best place for seeing different animals, birds, reptiles .
There are live bears , funny monkey, crocodile and even elephants and jeraphs. You could visit that interesting place.

Aquapark Nemo And Dolphinarium
Aquapark Nemo has night show, romantic show and even you can swimming with dolphin. It is magnificent place to do your holiday unforgettable. Because dolphins are very smart and antistress animals. It is the best place for family and romantic entertainment.
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